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Watsup fellas! My name is Adam from men at play and I’ve been shooting porn for the past four years. I was curious about getting a chance to meet my porn idols ever since I started watching porn around age 12. As I grew up it became a fantasy. Once I hit 18 years old I started applying to companies just to see if it was an actual possibility, and once given the right opportunity at age 20 I couldn’t turn it down. I would have always wondered “what if?” and I’m more of a “why not?” kinda guy.


I shot about 40 scenes over the past four years all while staying in school and getting my masters in civil engineering. Porn was always a hobby, a kind of acting gig that would pay me to be my sexual self and do what I do with guys anyways, only now in front of a camera and with hotter men! I’ve never been shy of putting myself out there, and that was one reason why I came out the summer before my senior year of high school.


As the student class president and wrestling captain, I wanted to give closeted kids like myself someone to look up to. I hope I still do that for those still in the closet, showing them that gay porn stars are just as acceptable as straight porn.



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